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newSweeney ToddPrintable Sweeney Todd Mad Lib™
The Raven - Edgar Allan PoePrintable The Raven - Edgar Allan Poe Mad Lib™
Sonnet 141 - William ShakespearePrintable Sonnet 141 - William Shakespeare Mad Lib™
How To Wash Your FacePrintable How To Wash Your Face Mad Lib™
Hakuna Matata (The Lion King)Printable Hakuna Matata (The Lion King) Mad Lib™
You`ll Be In My Heart (Phil Collins)Printable You`ll Be In My Heart (Phil Collins) Mad Lib™
Pride and PrejudicePrintable Pride and Prejudice Mad Lib™
Latinlib #2Printable Latinlib #2 Mad Lib™
Love Letter 2Printable Love Letter 2 Mad Lib™
Start All Over (Hannah Montana)Printable Start All Over (Hannah Montana) Mad Lib™
Television AdPrintable Television  Ad Mad Lib™
History of Sonic the HedgehogPrintable History of Sonic the Hedgehog Mad Lib™
Rock and Roll (Led Zeppelin)Printable Rock and Roll (Led Zeppelin) Mad Lib™
Smelly Cat (Phoebe`s Song)Printable Smelly Cat (Phoebe`s Song) Mad Lib™
A Galaxy Apart: Star Wars Your WayPrintable A Galaxy Apart: Star Wars Your Way Mad Lib™
White and Nerdy (Weird Al)Printable White and Nerdy (Weird Al) Mad Lib™
Nightmare on My Street (Will Smith)Printable Nightmare on My Street (Will Smith) Mad Lib™
The Care Bears MoviePrintable The Care Bears Movie Mad Lib™

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